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      Welcome to the Edmonds Wellness Clinic (EWC) located in beautiful Edmonds Washington just north of Seattle on the shores of the Puget Sound. Our clinic is family oriented and friendly reflecting the surrounding community which includes our immediate neighbors, Edmonds Woodway HS and Swedish Hospital.

      Naturopathic Medicine has been a part of this community for the past 100 years providing all aspects of family care and chronic disease support from the unique perspective of the natural health sciences and services.

      Naturopathic Age Management (NAM) is a term coined by Dr. Nolting to reflect the approach he has developed over his 30 plus years as a practicing Naturopathic Physician. As an integrated community wellness practice, the Naturopathic Physicians at EWC offer a full range of natural family health services (pre and postnatal women’s care, natural pediatric care, men and women’s hormonal and wellness care, pain management, and chronic disease care options).

      Acupuncture, massage, and Chiropractic care services are also offered at EWC providing additional wellness options supporting the Naturopathic Age Management approach.

      The three cornerstones of the NAM approach are Testing, Treatment, and Transition outlined below. This approach is personalized, tailored specifically to each individual seeking care. While this program can be undertaken in its entirety as an annual plan (NAM Precision) including all the major components in the menu, many patients find select individual components that fit in and complement their current wellness programs and medical routines.

      Any new patient visits to EWC begin with filling in our new patient intake forms, available on this website. Please call our front desk to schedule your first visit. (425) 672-2113

      MENU for the Naturopathic Age Management Program:


      • Blood, urine, saliva, stool panels as appropriate and indicated
      • Vitals & Physical Examination
      • Cardio-Vascular pulse testing The Cardio Group
      • Physiological Age Biomarkers Physioage
      • Miscellaneous: Bone Density, Metabolic, Imaging



      • Quarterly Naturopathic Consultations to manage care
      • Acute and chronic care as prescribed
      • Individualized preventive care as prescribed


      The Naturopathic Age Management Program can be purchased at an annual fee, paid monthly or semi-annually. Given the individualized nature of this program cost will vary and depend on which elements in the menu are included.


      Naturopathic care for acute and chronic problems as well as therapeutic acupuncture and massage can often be covered by insurance. Please check your insurance plan policy for coverage and we can let you know which of our providers are on specific plans. We also offer time of service discounts on standard care.

      BioTE hormone therapy, Shockwave therapy, PhysioAge, CardioPulse and the NAM Precision Annual Program are not covered by insurance.

      Please contact the front desk for fee schedule information at (425) 672-2113.

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      Our Location

      Edmonds Wellness Clinic
      7935 216th St. SW, Suite E
      Edmonds, WA 98026
      Phone: (425) 672-2113
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