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      What is Acupuncture?

      Acupuncture is a widely practiced branch of East Asian Medicine. Specifically, it involves the insertion of very thin, virtually painless pins into specific points across the body. Lines connecting these points called meridians or channels form the framework of acupuncture practice.

      Our intent as acupuncturists in Edmonds is to help guide and redirect energy or Qi (Chi) to areas in need of healing, or away from areas that are in pain.

      Acupuncture treats all types of pain. But acupuncture is also an option for a wide array of health concerns.

      Needleless Acupuncture

      There also are several non-needle techniques we practice in which acupuncture points are stimulated by various means other than with pins. For instance, we often employ acupressure or press balls to create similar effects as using the pins.

      Your Acupuncture Treatment

      When you come to Edmonds Wellness Clinic for a treatment, our providers will discuss all aspects of treatment with you, including risks (such as bruising or discomfort) and potential benefits.

      Acupuncture is a wellness and preventive oriented professional practice for patients seeking a drug-free alternative for pain management or to relieve the symptoms of certain health conditions. Acupuncture is a tool that can be used alone or as part of a larger medical treatment program. It is effective for treating a variety of common medical issues such as:

      • fibromyalgia
      • migraines and headaches
      • carpal tunnel syndrome
      • lower back pain
      • menstrual cramps and labor pain
      • osteoarthritis
      • tennis elbow
      • dental pain

      Acupunture can even provide relief for chemotherapy patients suffering from nausea and vomiting and for rehabilitating stroke patients.

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      Our Location

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      7935 216th St. SW, Suite E
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      Phone: (425) 672-2113
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